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01 Team

Our talent thesis helps us spot the best founders at the earliest stages. Which type of founder are you?
0s - superpower is technical and prototyping ideas for the future.
1s - superpower is vision and ability to identify a unique starting point.
2s - superpower is execution and operationalization business growth.
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02 Tech

What is your 10x solution to the alternative that is already in the market?
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03 Timing

What is your enabling technology that helps you build the solution today vs a few years ago?
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What is the economic impetus where customers are willing to pay now more than ever before?
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What is the cultural buy-in that makes your business acceptable today?
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04 Monopoly

Can your business get a large % of small market to start?
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05 Distribution

What creative distribution channels will you use to sell the product / service?
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06 Defensibility

What is your strategic asset that makes your company defensible in 5-10 years?
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07 Secret

What unique insight do you believe / envision that others do not?
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